Fishing in Graiguenamanagh

Game and Coarse fishing

clashganny_lock_near_graiguemanangh.jpgGraiguenamanagh has been a centre for fishing right back to the establishment of Duiske Abbey in 1204 and in all likelihood, long before that. The Cistercian monks prized the salmon from the Barrow and also placed great store in the large stocks of Eel available in the river at that time.All along the river Barrow there are fantastic opportunities for angling. Fishermen cast their flies for trout and salmon, and coarse fisherman pit their wits against myriads of Bream, Roach, Dace, Perch and some big big Pike.

Why not come in May when the annual run of Twaite shad arrives in St. Mullins. The Barrow is one of the very few rivers in Ireland or Britain that gets this species. And numbers of Shad running have greatly increased in the last three years.

bridge_in_graiguenamangh.jpgBy the quay in Graiguenamanagh allows great access for the disabled to fish and there are also dedicated disabled fishing stands in St. Mullins, just a few miles downstream. At Waterside we can offer you a spot in our shed to dry gear and also a fridge there specifically for fishermen to store bait. There is fishing tackle available at Mick Doyle's Bar on Main St. Graiguenamanagh and we can offer angling advice on other spots to buy tackle, the best stands for coarse fishing, contact numbers for angling guides, etc.

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Graiguenamanagh is one of the few places in ireland that has good catches of game and coarse fish. There are some very big Salmon and Trout to be hooked in this area.

Recent years have seen a great improvement in Pike numbers on the Barrow and it is now one of the best spots in the country to land a large Pike.
The Annual run of Twaite Shad up the river Barrow in the Month of May brings many anglers to the area, and is rounded off by a great one day Shad fishing competition.

Coarse fish are abundant with Bream, Perch, Rudd, Dace, Roach, hybrids all present in good numbers. Clashganny, Graiguenamanagh and St. Mullins are famous for big Bream over the years.

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